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SAMSUNG B2B - 360° Football Experience

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In collaboration with Serviceplan, Mindconsole created a 360-degree video experience intended to be viewed by over 200 attendees at the same time during the Deutsche Telekom VR roadshow in Berlin.

The shoot took place on a single night in Frankfurt, Germany and was made possible by over 50 participants - from football players to cheerleaders, coaches and pyrotechnic operators - as well Samsung Germany's B2B Director Sascha Lekic, the clip's protagonist.

As is the nature of 360-degree video, lighting the scenes at night-time proved to be a challenge. We overcame this challenge by using a helium-filled balloon light with 4000-watts worth of light. The 3-meter wide balloon hovered over and around our scenes and provided the perfect lighting situation for the dramatic scenes that took place. The balloon was then removed in post-production along with other unwanted elements such as the 360 camera tripod.


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