In association with Moodley Brand Identity agency, Mindconsole has worked on a series of advertising-related project for Austrian nautral beauty product brand "Ringana".

Ringana Sports features two athletes comepting in a variety of sports in a dark, hard and edgey environment and showcases the three feature products of Ringana Sport - BOOST, PUSH & GO.

The video was shared on Ringana's social media outlets and used to promote the launch of the Ringana Sport line and has accumulated 147,000 views and counting.

Ringana Adds is a clean, bright, colorful and abstract take on the typical beauty commercial. The clips feature abstract lighting combined with clean geometric shapes in an attempt to emulate the desired effects of the skincare products at hand.

Ringana Chi is a stop-motion film in which the ingredients that make up the natural energy shot are seen animated in a variety of ways; eventually coming together and becoming part of the end-product, Ringana Chi.