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This project was born from the challenge posed by our client - how do you make the invisible visible? The creative team searched wide and far to look at how this had been achieved across a multitude of spectrums. In the end it we were captivated by the experience of people walking on glass platforms in landmark high rise buildings around the world. The thrill and fun that was synonymous with this experience was a strong influence on the activation. This was galvanised by the TVC that was created by the Rexona global team, where people were experiencing the invisible paths in everyday contexts. As such an illusion style stunt was determined to be the best way to convey the invisible to our audience.

To deliver an authentic experience to the public, we had to utilise the latest in 3D Modeling technology, primarily to overcome the challenge of creating a realistic 3D model on a 2D surface. To achieve this we had to calculate the position of the audience and render the model accordingly.

A 4K OLED screen was used to deliver the highest resolution (due to the size of the screen anything less -like standard HD, would have shown pixelation and given away the stunt). As in many of our installations, technology plays a major role, secondary only to the art of captivating narrative.

Throughout the day we had 10 cameras to capture the activation from every angle. These ranged from GoPro’s hidden in the constraints on of the walkway and in the surrounding site dressing; through to manned digital cinema cameras with telephoto lenses which allowed us to capture high quality images at a distance.

Overall, the goals set by the client were met and exceeded, with 96,042 Australians reached through online media coverage and the full-length clip (1:14) being viewed for an average duration of 1:07.

The campaign has been featured in numerous media outlets including Mumbrella, B&T and Campaign Brief Australia.