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The Challenge:

As a startup business, the team at Remedi were looking to create a dynamic piece of content that could be utilised across a myriad of scenarios. Whilst the primary objective of the was to share the concept and fundamental workings of the new business, we were asked to create something that could also be utilised as a pitching tool to new investors; as well as hotels, which would ultimately host the clients of the Remedi business.

Further to the creative challenge, as is the circumstance for many start-ups, the Remedi team were mindful of their ability to allocate time to the project from their end. Not only were they building a disruptive business model from the ground up, they also had the responsibilities of their full time employment outside of the startup.

The Solution:

After many conceptual sessions with the client, it was decided that the use of animation would deliver the best return on investment to the client. Animation also provided the ability to be easily updated in the future with new versions targeting different audiences via voiceover revisions. It also allowed for further development to the narrative as the asset was developed across potential new distribution channels.

Both our Graz and Sydney offices worked on the project, allowing the client to take advantage of the global experience and design influences that they desired. It was with the support and trust of the Remedi team, that Mindconsole were able to drive the project forward and deliver an asset which exceeded the client’s expectations. We are excited to see the Remedi business grow and look forward to creating more content in the years ahead.