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In early 2013 Mindconsole was contacted by the founders of Karuze, a relatively new startup with their mind set on generating social change in the form of car sharing.

Projects with legitimate causes are our favourite kind, so we put on our creative pants and pumped out numerous concepts for the startup’s first commercial which was to be used to promote it’s crowdfunding campaign.

The concept the client felt appropriate was selected and developed to an extent wherein it fit with the startup’s corporate messaging and marketing strategy. We then began production, casting talent, booking crew & locations and organising props, costume & other necessities to the production.

After all the content needed for the piece was shot, post-production began in our Austrian office, with 3D environments being modelled, camera moves constructed & eventually the piece’s visuals being signed off by the client. Re-recording of vocals occurred along with a minimalist amount of sound design we felt suited the piece down to the tee.

Overall the client was incredibly pleased with the end result of this project, and they are sure this piece will be highly beneficial to the success of it’s crowdfunding campaign!

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