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HUAWEI: Seeds for the Future

The Challenge:

Huawei Technologies were seeking a promotional video that needed to achieve a number of objectives. It had to showcase their innovation and training program “Seeds for the Future” through the experiences of participating students with the ability to also serve as an advertising piece. Within this, Huawei was to be seen as a leading ICT solutions provider, taking charge and fostering a new generation of talent. Lastly, the video needed to appeal to university students, the future candidates of ‘Seeds for the Future,’ allowing them to see the benefits and advantages the program provides.

The Solution:

To resonate with and engage the youthful audience, Mindconsole needed to take a fresh perspective veering away from familiar corporate promotional videos. We followed the journey of students participating in the program allowing viewers to see the program's benefits.

Within the group, Mindconsole concentrated on three highlight students whose voice and experiences would provide the context, direction and heart within the piece. Their voices were weaved into an edit that was designed to excite viewers with quick montage sequences and engross them in slower informative areas. This combination of interesting pacing, the honest student voices, unique music and an overall innovative relay of information executed the messaging perfectly for Huawei Technologies. It was very well received by all the students at the universities hitting the right tone and mood the client was after.