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GETTY: Adam Perry

The Challenge:

With the Rio Olympics on the horizon and the release of the Canon’s 1DX Mark II, Getty Images wanted to capture a case study on their award-winning sports photographer, Adam Pretty, behind the scenes shooting a TVC for Canon’s 1DX Mark II. The objectives of the case study were to show that big brands like Canon wanted to work with Getty Images, that Getty Images have award-winning photographers and that their content is of the best quality and extremely diverse.

The Solution:

“A picture does more to change hearts and minds than any data or words.”

Mindconsole developed this case study knowing that at the heart of the piece Adam Pretty’s passion and story would be what would show not only the quality of Getty Images’ photographers but also why big brands would want to work with them. We aimed to shoot the piece in a way that really showed Adam in his element on the set of Canon’s TVC whilst also showing how much goes into sports photography and what it means to capture a moment that can never be re-created. It was important for viewers to gauge the art of photography, we did this through interview footage of Adam that was layered throughout the edit, complementing shots of him working on the production of the TVC for Canon and driving the overall narrative.

The tone and mood created by doing this resulted in something quite moving and inspiring and really shined a light on some of the great work Getty Images are doing and some of the great people they have working for them.