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In 2016 Marketing Rockstars rebranded themselves as Fifteen Seconds, but their innovative attitude and collaborative spirit stayed the same. For this year's festival we contributed more than ever - starting months before the festival with brainstorming sessions to see what kind of new and exciting ways we could wow and entertain the festival's attendees.

As in the festival's previous years, Mindconsole supplied the opening projection mapping as well as live-camera operation & switching and highlight video production.

The opening projection mapping this year took place on the surface of 21x stacked shipping containers - creating a huge panoramic viewing situation with a variety of 'perspective mappings' that brought an extra element of reality for the audience. The projection had a total width of 52m and was created using 11 single projectors.

Our motion design team used a combination of animation techniques, mainly Cinema 4D for the virtual projection setup and 3D animations. 2D animation and compositing took place in Adobe After Effects. We also created a to-scale model in our office to preview the opening titles and mapping as well as all other content that was created. The opener's accompanying music was composed to match the abstract global networking storyline we created.

We're already working with Fifteen Seconds to make next year's festival even more memorable than the last!

Client: Fifteen Seconds
BTS Photography: Johanna Lamprecht/JOLA + 
Jakub Reichman