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Mindconsole produced the music video for the Munich-based band Slut’s latest release. Instead of pointing a camera towards the band, we utilised the kinect-sensor in order to generate the progressive look that perfectly fits the band’s innovative approach towards sound. Using the high resolution 3D information generated by the kinect, we created a look which fits the song’s sound and feel – generating a void and showing the fragile nature of the song’s lyrics. As the singer honestly opens up his mind and emotions to the listener, singing about his lack of mental strength (backbone) the video accordingly takes this artistic twist to another level. We quite literally break the shell of the already vulnerable and disperse human figure and show its inner structure in form of their bones. Before the “X-Ray” effect is seen, the acting musicians seem almost like statues – untouchable and distant. But afterwards they feel human down to the bone.

Check out the making of video below for a behind the scenes look at the music video.


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